Artist is inpired by Struve Chain

Scenery, technique and new phenomenon interest Salla Laurinolli, who is visual artist living in Hämeenlinna. At the moment she is inpired by the Struve Geodetic arc, an Unesco World Heritage site stretching from the Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea. To an artist interested in hiking and maps, this is a natural continuum.

– My fascination on the Struve Geodetic Arc is connected to a wider interest in history, maps and travelling. The Sturve Arc was one of the great projects of its time. I also have a broader interest in different meanings and purposes of measuring. Scientific measurements are also connected to the use of power and authority, Salla Laurinolli ponders

– Triangulation and the techniques connected to it are fascinating. I have visited most of the Struve Arc measurement points in Finland and I dream of continuing the tour in Sweden and Norway. Some day I hope to be able to experience the peace and solitude of the wilderness at the northernmost Struve Arc point in Finland, Enontekiö

The significance of a location becomes conscious when you get there. The Struve Arc measurement points fascinate Saara Laurinolli, an artist. In this photo she is knitting a part to her piece “Pehmeä jäämeri Porlammin Struven pisteellä”

Exhibition at the Höyry gallery in Korpilahti

In April, the Artwork by Salla Laurinolli from the past two years were displayed in an exhibition at the Höyry gallery in Korpilahti, which was a very appropriate location, since the Oravivuori Struve Arc point lies approximately 15 kilometers from the gallery.
– The first time I visited Oravivuori was in 2015, and even before that the roadsigns of the Struve Arc point had fascinated me for years when passing them on my way North


Along with Korpilahti, the Artwork by Laurinolli is also displayed this year in exchibitions in Riihimäki, Helsinki and New York

Häikäisee ja tuulee. Salla Laurinolli 2017