Come and peak Oravivuori hill under the March moon!

Full moon at the top of Oravivuori hill, one of the Struve Geodetic Arc triangulation points, is quite an experience! You can experience it on a moonlight climbing trip on Friday, March 2nd, in Korpilahti. The trip is open for all.

We are hoping for bright moonlight and nice, frosty weather, says the chairman of the astronomical association Sirius Jyväskylä, Mr Arto Oksanen.  He will join the climb and explain the sky for us in the tower on the top of Oravivuori. Mr Matti Hyvärinen from the Homestead Association of Old Korpilahti, will tell us about the history of Struve station point, which has been inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is about an hour’s climb up to the top of Oravivuori and the UNESCO Site of Struve station point. You should reserve approximately two hours for climbing and observing the stars. Proper shoes, warm clothes and a flashlight/forehead lamp is all you need to take with you. Trekking poles might ease your climb. If you wish, you can also take something warm to drink and a snack with you. Campfires are not allowed on Oravivuori, so unfortunately we cannot grill sausages.

We will start our climb from Oravivuori parking area at 18.30. You can share a car ride from Korpilahti harbour at 18.00. If you wish to do so, a prior notice is necessary: please contact Ms Outi Penttinen, tel. 0400424149.

Caution: The road from Main Road 9 (Valtatie 9) to Oravivuori parking area is winding and partially icy. Drive carefully!

The trip is open for all and everyone interested in the station point and stars is welcome. The participants are not insured by us – everyone climbs on their own responsibility. The climb is organized by UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Local Services project in cooperation with astronomical association Sirius Jyväskylä and the Homestead Association of Old Korpilahti.

Photos from the 2017 climb: #struve korpilahti. Please add your own photos after the climb on March 2nd, 2018.