Cultural heritage comes alive! – Gamification in enlivening cultural heritage sites

Tuesday, March 6th, 14.00-17.30 at Humak Jyväskylä TKI-keskus/RDI-center on the creative campus Kangas. Address: Kympinkatu 3B, 3rd floor

Come and listen to expert views on how gamification and augmented reality can be used to create enlivened and participatory cultural heritage.

After the presentations the audience is invited to join the discussion and brainstorming as well as to experiment.


14.00 Welcome 
Tero Lämsä, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Local Services project, Humak

14.10 Gamification of castle ruins – views and experiences: case Lights on!
Nina Luostarinen, Humak

14.30 AR – experiences through examples 
Jussi Perttola, CEO, Zaibatsu Interactive

14.50 Cultural heritage sites come alive in mobile applications
Elina Rauhala, Memorandum Ltd.

15.10 Augmented reality experimentations and plans in Jyväskylä tourism
Sini Tirronen, Visit Jyväskylä

15.30 DIY-possibilities, using Ojoo
Santeri Jaakkola, Tommi Veneskari, Humak

16.00 Questions and discussion

16.15-17.30 Gamification mini expo
Discuss, experiment, brainstorm! Explore the expo stands of the Lights on! game, Zaibatsu and Memorandum, and throw ideas on the brainstorming forum