Road Trip: World Heritage in a Day

Last fall, we gave our exchange students of cultural management an assignment:
They were given our service map in English in order to test it, and the actual assignment was, based on the map, to plan an excursion with the theme World Heritage in a Day to destinations they found the most appealing between the two UNESCO sites in Central Finland. The journey starts from Petäjävesi Old Church and ends at Oravivuori Struve Geodetic Arc point in Korpilahti.

The group drafted a route map, shot a video and documented the trip in their blog Travel around Central Finland.

[Picture] The end of the journey: A station point along Struve chain on the top of Oravivuori hill

In our project meetings during the fall, we have often discussed developing theme excursions for different target groups – next year, these discussions ought to give way for actual excursions! Additional information and spring time project plans will follow!

Also, the Tuesday morning’s program of Hygge & Heritage -seminar taking place in 18-20 November 2018 will consist of different theme excursions to UNESCO sites and their surroundings in Petäjävesi and Korpilahti.