PROJECT INFO – The Global heritage as a boost for local services

The Global heritage as a boost for local services -project (1.5.2016 – 31.1.2020) has increased the attractivity of two Unesco world heritage sites in Central Finland – the old church in Petäjävesi and the Oravivuori site in Korpilahti (located along the Struve Geodetic Arc). The active cooperation of local actors has created new events and services that center around the world heritage sites and the local culture.

The project has ended, but the local activities continue. On this page, you can read about the events and creations that were born during the project. The main executor of the project was Humak University of Applied Sciences, with JyväsRiihi ry and Vesuri ry as contributors.

If you are interested in cooperation that promotes world heritage sites and local cultures, contact the operatives of Humak UAS: New and similar projects are currently being planned and new project partners are warmly welcome to join us.

The Global heritage as a boost for local services -project has cooperated with the local operatives in Korpilahti and Petäjävesi to create new ground for new operating methods. The Unesco sites, as well as local services and products have received coverage in shared travel broschures, maps, and online content. The project has resulted in the creation of new events such as wintery moonlight climbing excursion to a concert organized atop the Oravivuori hill. ’’World heritage in a day’’ -travel product is on offer and will be developed further to become more international. Local people, united by a will to cooperate, have created these new activities across county lines.

One of the target audiences in the project have been young people. The students from the Department of Teaching at the University of Jyväskylä and the students at Humak UAS have cooperated with local schools and organized various recreational learning trips to the Struve Geodetic Arc site in Oravivuori and the old church in Petäjävesi.

The Do you want to become an explorer? -guide book narrates the story of a succesful learning journey to the Struve Geodetic Arc measuring site. The book also uses practical examples to depict how the world heritage site can be used as a learning environment.